• Crosley Radio

    Powell Crosley was the "Henry Ford" of radio. His influence extended to broadcast and movies.

  • Stromberg-Carlson Radio

    Moving from the telephone technology to radio, this manufacturer made solid hardware!

  • Federal Radio

    Big, beautiful and solid, these radios were meant to last more than one lifetime. They were there at the beginning.

  • Grebe Radio

    Grebe built the best radios available in 1925. He built a radio station (WAHG) which later became CBS.

  • RCA Radiola

    RCA was formed after WWI and soon became the largest radio manufacturer in the world.

  • DeForest Radio

    Lee DeForest invented the triode vacuum tube which was the foundation for radio technology at it's birth.

  • Freed-Eisemann

    Based in New York City, Freed-Eisemann produced some of the best built radios of the era.

  • Supreme Instruments

    Supreme made some of the best tech tools available which included the innovative "Diagnometer".

  • Hallicrafters & Hammarlund

    Two of the greatest makers of communications receivers ever. See why here!

  • Special Radios

    This is a collection of beautiful radio hardware. You have to be a real tech geek to appreciate this!

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My name is Steven Johannessen and I am an artist, musician, composer, web designer and an antique radio collector. One of my passions is for restoring the antique radios which you can see in this gallery. My own lifelong interest in vacuum tube technology coupled with what I have learned from working with antiques has allowed me to restore many of these fine early radios to almost new, working condition.

This website was created to showcase these beautiful old radios from the birth of broadcasting. This modest collection was started in 1997 and went online in 2007. The radio collection gallery was moved to it's current location - StevenJohannessen.com - in May 2011. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or inquiries about the collection or this website. New radios will be added to the gallery, so bookmark this site and come back again to see them. Thank you for visiting this site and for your continued support!