Gallery 12 • Antique Radio Tubes

Vacuum tube development was a driving factor in the early development of radio. As new tubes were introduced to solve one or more performance problems, the circuitry evolved along with it.

The tubes shown here are examples of the kinds of tubes available in the 1920's. Here are some interesting facts:

  • WD-11 Triode
  • DeForest DV-2 Audion Triode
  • WLS 1610
  • DeForest DL-5 Audion Detector
  • QRS Red Top Detector
  • Arcturus Blue Detector 127
  • Cunningham CX-301A Triode
  • Cunningham CX-380 Balloon
  • Eveready Raytheon Type BH
  • Arcturus Blue 27
  • Radiotron 35/51
  • Radiotron UV-201A Triode
  • Radiotron Brass Base Tipped Rainbow
  • Rainbow Glass Close-up
  • 30 Years Of Vacuum Tube Evolution