Singers, songwriters, performers and all musicians! If you have an iPad, SongHammer is the must-have tool for you! Use it live or in the studio, for your performance backing tracks or practice.You can even use it as a presentation tool to support speeches.

  • Import your original or cover songs from your iTunes library.
  • For songwriters, you can create your lyrics to songs while having the audio or video accessible for playing, pausing, scrubbing and other controls.
  • For cover music, import or type in lyrics into SongHammer.
  • Lyrics can be tagged to move with the music allowing a karaoke experience, help a singer/instrument player in a performance, or allow singers or bands to use playback for background samples, music etc.
  • You can stream your audio and/or video to an Apple TV or Airport XPress device hooked into a PA for cable-free wireless operation.
  • Create song lists and set lists for your gigs, and print those out for your bandmates using an AirPrint compatable printer.

"This app has transformed my live act. Now I have all of the music, lyrics and videos in one place that is easy to hook up to any sound or video system. The audio quality is fantastic, the ease of use on stage is amazing and I have reduced my setup time!"
- Steve Johannessen, Singer/Performer and Berklee grad.

SongHammer is The Essential iPad App for Musicians, Performers & Songwriters.